Students have their say:

The trainers of Prolong Lash are fantastic. I feel the practical is very informative and have been trained with the right skills to set me up for the future - Aimee Yates, April 2017

I found the training to be great as it was. Carol & Caroline were very helpful. Thank you - Erramel Cox, March 2017

I did my classic course here 3 years ago. Love the training and that's why I came back to do Russian Volume! - Rachael Webb, March 2017

*Highly Recommend Prolong Lash courses! Excellent training, excellent technician, I really enjoyed the course, learned so much  and now want to further my knowledge in Russian Volume lashes - Dayna Nikolic, February 2017

Fantastic Trainer, clear manuals and very informative - Lani December 2016

I enjoyed the training and the different techniques offered. I liked that the trainers encourage the students to find what feels comfortable for them - Melissa, November 2016

A really well put together, informative and enjoyable course. Trainers are supportive, understanding and very helpful. Very valuable experience. Thank you so much Carole and Caroline for everything you do for your students. - Sofia, November 2016

This course was so helpful, not only with training me on doing lash extensions but with the support of the trainers after hours. I feel very confident now to lash clients! - Vanessa, November 2016

Highly Recommended! Come here if you want to be in the Lash Industry - Rangi, October 2016

I found my training very enjoyable Caroline was very nice and made us feel very comfortable - Tinah Phakasy, October 2016

Carol and Caroline are very helpful and friendly trainers. Always willing to help in between training and after hours. Emily Chen, September 2016

Very informative, great that is was more of a discussion rather than just reading - Andrea McNally, August 2016

Enjoyed the training and can't wait to be fantastic at eyelash extensions. - Anonymous, July 2016

I now really look forward to introduce my friends as this course already seems pretty much useful of interactive to me. I would definitely spread good words of mouth for this eyelash certificate course. Payal, July 2016

This lash course was excellent, the trainer was fantastic and helped to find a way when I struggled. It's very informative. - Kate, June 2016

Very educational! - Christina, June 2016

Training was very good and informative. All teachers were very good and gave everyone one on one time. - Anonymous, June 2016

I loved the course with Carole! She was down to earth, positive and had a wealth of knowledge. I really enjoyed learning something new to add to my skill base that I can take with me into my future. Thanks Carole and Prolong Lash. - Rochelle, May 2016

When I first started the course I felt like I'd never get the hang of it which was really disheartening. However, the trainers were fantastic, all my questions were answered and they were by your side helping out with the practical side. I am now confident in applying lash extensions! I need to work on timing! - Patricia, May 2016

I found the volume lash course very useful and excellent training. Highly recommend - Lisa, May 2016

Training at Prolong Lash was just simply amazing. It was so laid back but professional. All the girls were so lovely and I just loved the training, I got so much out of it. - Britney, April 2016

Great trainer, very lovely staff. Really good information. Thanks again - Caitlin, March 2016

Happy I studied with this class. Thank you very much - Xiaoxia, March 2016

The 1 Day training course was very enjoyable and I learnt a lot for the amount of time I was there for. I feel confident now to practise on friends and family - Anastasia, March 2016

Amazing trainer, great information and very helpful - Holly, February 2016

A great day of training where you touch on the basics with loads of practical experience. Great trainers who are super friendly and incredibly helpful. I would highly recommend using ProlongLash to start your eyelash extension career. - Tanya, February 2016

I really enjoyed ProlongLash eyelash course. It has really helped me with knowledge and practical components of the course. I would highly recommend. - Stephanie, February 2016

I am getting confident by taking this training and I am more skilled. - Rohini, February 2016

Friendly staff and a great teacher. 10/10. -  Mong, January 2016

I did a lot of research to find a course for training lash extensions and I am very happy I chose ProlongLash as they are the best in training and the trainers and staff are very friendly and helpful. - Zoli, November 2015

I am so privileged to be trained under Carole. If you want to learn eyelash extensions, LashDesign Studios is the place to go. The staff are very friendly, trainers are very experienced and the training is very professional. - Jennifer, November 2015

Friendly and helpful trainers. Everything I needed and expected from the class - Makayla, November 2015

Carole was fantastic and so was Amy. Very patient and I loved it! - Clare, October 2015

At LashDesign the staff were so friendly and helpful and questions we had were answered thoroughly. All the staff have so much experience! Not just with lash application but also with all the products. I was very happy and satisfied with my training. - Lisa, October 2015


Highly recommend this course to my friends as Carole is very knowledgeable and fun. It was an enjoyable time for me. Thank you so much Carole! - Tracey, October 2015

Definitely recommend this course to anybody interested in doing lashes. It's very informative and the staff are really friendly and helpful. - Tagi, October 2015

Trainers were really helpful and informative. I learnt so much in the day of training, both Carole and Amy were great! Professionalism and enthusiasm with a great passion for what they do definitely came out which makes it all the more worthwhile. Absolutely loved it! - Chelsea, October 2015

Trainers were fantastic! Their experience has been very valuable. - Sarah, September 2015

Amazing training and very helpful trainers =) - Alyce, July 2015

Very educational and lots of assistance during prac. Good coverage of theory as well! - Leanne, July 2015

The training was amazing; I received a lot of help, informative sessions and friendly staff. I would definitely recommend. - Regina, July 2015

I found Prolong Lash very understanding and teachers were great with giving advice, and very easy to understand. - Jennifer, July 2015

I have learnt so much from all the friendly trainers at LashDesign Studios and can’t wait to perfect my new skills I have learnt throughout the course. Highly recommended! - Ryan, July 2015

I’ve had the best experience with my training at Prolong Lash. Everyone is super lovely and supportive. They are wonderful when it comes to teaching correct technique from the start. I was amazed at what I’ve been able to learn with no prior eyelash extension experience. Unreal! - Hannah, June 2015

The training was very informative and the trainers were very helpful. Will definitely recommend Prolong Lash to others seeking training. - Tina, June 2015

Very informative training in a supportive training space. - Rachel, June 2015

Great day of learning for anyone interested in doing eyelash extensions as a business. You learn a lot and there is so much assistance and guidance with both the theory and practical part of the day. Thank you! - Jess, June 2015

Thanks for all your help! Was great and I really enjoyed the day :) - Natasha, May 2015

Great training - very informative, all questions were answered and the trainers were very helpful - Bree, May 2015

Great training, very informative. I feel confident enough to go home and practice on friends and family and that's just after day one! - Tilesha, April 2015

The trainers were awesome! I would highly recommend studying here. - Jenner, April 2015

Very happy overall with the training provided. Can't wait to start practicing :) xx - Tayla, January 2015

The girls at Prolong Lash were very helpful & able to answer any questions I had. They gave great feedback whilst practicing. Highly recommend their training courses. - Stephanie, January 2015

The staff were all great and offered advice and tips throughout the day. - Iona, November 2014

Great experience. Found the training very thorough. Trainers were amazing and very helpful - Kim, October 2014

The trainers have been very helpful and I enjoyed the class so much - Leona, September 2014

Great training session - learnt everything lash wise including important theory work. Worth the money! - Hannah, July 2014

The course was great! Well organized and a lot of fun to be apart of. Will definitely recommend to friends looking to do a course in eyelash extensions. - Kelsey, July 2014

I had an amazing day! I can not wait to go home and continue on with finishing a full set of lashes! Doing the One Day Course definitely makes me confident enough to continue in my own salon, especially because they provide ongoing education. Great experience! - Erin, February 2014

I thoroughly enjoyed the One Day Training - the information provided was detailed but easy to follow. It was a good balance of theory and practical work with lots of handy tips given by both Jess and Fredelyn who were always ready and there to share their expertise - Annie, October 2013

I didn't feel overwhelmed with information. The course was simplified & broken down well and also very informative. Having a technician to help with the practical was very reassuring. I had a great day, looking forward to finishing the certification - Jet, October 2013

Wonderful informative staff & trainers. Always helpful and approachable - Amy, May 2013

Everybody was very friendly and helpful, while teaching and helping us - Polly, May 2013

I really enjoyed my training at Prolong Lash. The trainers were very helpful and the environment was fun! - Star, April 2013

10 out of 10. Fun, enjoyable and had a great time - Aralya, April 2013

Very knowledgeable trainers. Small friendly environment. Happy and helpful. Highly recommend doing this course. Thank you! - Dannielle, February 2013

The training day was fantastic! Very informative and the girls are a great support. Enjoyed every minute of it! - LarneeJanuary 2013

Prolong Lash training is very good and informative. Worth going to - Gloria, January 2013

Prolong Lash was an excellent choice for lash training. Very informative and enjoyable. Thanks guys - Greer, December 2012

Was good overall, learnt a lot. Gave a lot of information on what to do which was good. Thankyou - Natasha, December 2012

I enjoyed the training day with Prolong Lash. It was very informative with so many chances to ask questions. We all also got a good quantity of time one on one with the trainers which improved my technique dramatically. - Madeline, December 2012

I found the day full of information, girls friendly and approachable. - Jessica, December 2012

Great small class sizes and friendly staff. - Cassie, December 2012

Prolong Lash offers extensive training in a friendly and comfortable environment. I really enjoyed the day and look forward to coming back for more!!! - Tia, November 2012

Prolong Lash provided great support during practical training & extensive information in theory training. Learnt a lot in one day! - Ash, October 2012

A fantastic day! Very informative, great handouts, a great amount of time spent practicing on our clients while receiving one on one assistance and guidance. - Kellie, October 2012

A great day. Very thorough with the theory and practical part of the course. I would highly recommend to anyone to attend! - Alyshia, October 2012

So happy that I made the effort to do the course with Prolong Lash. It was amazing. - Danni, October 2012

It was a fantastic experience. It's given me the confidence to go out on my own and set up my own business. - Jordan,September 2012

If you are looking at becoming a lash technician then this is the course you want. It covers everything in a professional and supportive environment. The future help and support is amazing also :) - Meg, August 2012

Alicia is a fantastic trainer. Apart from clearly and openly facilitating the training, she also offers post-course support and does it all with a smile on her face - Sila, August 2012

Trainers educated me very well - Sam, August 2012

Prolong Lash's One Day Training Course is so worth the price, you learn a lot of valuable information and they are so helpful - Celia, July 2012

I loved each part of the training especially as I am from a different background. It really truly was an amazing experience for me to attend a class - Gulista, July 2012

The atmosphere and the studio itself is very stylish. Jess helped me a lot and answered all questions - Jenny,June 2012

Trainers are extremely knowledgeable, approachable and friendly - Amy, July 2012

I just wanted to say a big 'THANK YOU' for the fantastic training you provided in the Eyelash Extension training course yesterday. Your passion, enthusiasm and expertise regarding the 'Art of Eyelash Extensions', by far exceeded my expectations. I thoroughly enjoyed the the whole experience!
I would recommend anyone looking at becoming an Eyelash Extension Specialist to book in at Prolong Lash. Now it's practice, practice, practice! P.S - When I got home I couldn't help myself and added more lashes to my model. She looked absolutely gorgeous! Thank you. Kind regards, Tanya, November 2008

I've done 5 clients so far this week and they have been wowed. I have been following the client assessment, design model and aftercare which we covered in the training course. The course was fantastic because the theory bit enabled me to answer my clients' questions and gave them added information. I've had a couple ladies who have been having their lashes done regularly by someone else but they were so happy with my work that they already booked for a refill! Overall, the training was well structured, very thorough and gave us enough time to be confident in putting lashes on.As a teacher, you were very hands on and patient to your students. You have given us tips which only an experienced lash technician could give. You are very selfless in sharing your knowledge and I appreciate all your help up to now.Personally, this experience has been very rewarding feeling especially after seeing the look on my clients' faces when they see their new lashes. I am so proud of the quality of the lashes and glue and it shows when they have it on. THANK YOU for giving me the best foundation in setting up my own lash business at home. Much love, Sharon, September 2010

You can tell speaking to the trainers that they are passionate about what they do, making the training that much more enjoyable. I will recommend Prolong Lash to anyone looking to join the industry - Eden, April 2012

I found the training interesting, I never felt bored and I enjoyed learning about hair growth, follicle damage, etc. The environment to learn in felt very supportive and informative. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who would like to do lashes - Emma, January 2011

I loved coming to Prolong Lash, the trainers were really nice and helpful. I felt welcomed and informed! I would recommend everyone to come and train here. Thank-you for having me - Katie, February 2011

The course was really informative, thorough and exciting. The trainers were fantastic and very helpful - Vivienne, April 2012

Highly recommend training at Prolong Lash and will be returning for more extensive training to become certified - Loretta, February 2012

I just wanted to thank-you for today for being so patient with me, I have learnt a lot. 
Love Crystal, February 2012

I did the One Day Course, I learnt so much and recommend it :) - Carla, October 2009

It was a fun, enjoyable day. Very informative with lots of assistance - Tracy, October 2009

An awesome day, would recommend it to anyone interested in doing lashes - Bonnie, June 2012

Great Training session, helpful, material used was relevant and loved putting it into practice on my model - Sheree, March 2010

Girls were really friendly and helpful. Easy to ask for help - Cara, March 2010

Was very happy with the course. Trainers were extremely helpful and made me feel comfortable to ask for help. Overall great day - Kate, June 2012

Had a great day. Learnt heaps. Am keen to get going - Michelle, July 2012