Prolong Lash Aftercare Cleanser Bundle

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Prolong Lash Aftercare Cleanser Bundle


Australia's #1 Selling Eyelash Extension Cleanser

The Prolong Lash Aftercare Bundle makes caring for your eyelash extensions effortless.

It contains:

1 x Prolong Lash Cleanser 100ml
1 x 60ml Foaming Bottle
1 x Cleansing Brush

  • Simply mix 1 part of Prolong Lash Cleanser
  • 2 parts water into the Foaming Bottle.
  • 1 pump of foam is enough for a thorough cleanse, but Prolong Lash does recommend a double cleanse if wearing makeup.
  • In a downward brushing motion, gently brush your eyelash extensions with the cleansing brush, rinse.

And voila, say hello to clean & pristine lashes!

$29.95 inc GST

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