Myth#6 Sleep on your back to avoid your eyelash extensions falling out


Eyelash extensions are applied individually – one extension to one natural lash. If applied correctly they should be completely attached at the base of the lash. In theory this means if we lash addicts lived in a perfect “oil free” world our eyelash extensions would only fall out when our natural lash fell out during their growth cycle. So....unless our pillow was “The Incredible Hulk” and could somehow physically pull our lashes out then we should be safe to sleep however we like. Once the extensions are applied, they are not easy to pull off!

Returning from lash addicts perfect “oil free” world and entering reality...

When the lights go out does our pillow turn into the incredible hulk and pull out our lashes? NO, thankfully not!

If we don’t regularly wash our pillowcase will an unwanted visitor make an appearance in our bed at night? All signs point to yes.

Pillowcases love to collect oil! Think about all those products we use in our hair, leaving our makeup on overnight and of course our natural body sweat. These nasty oils sit on the surface of our pillowcases and are ready to pounce on our lashes and attack with their venomous slime as soon as we slumber off to sleep!

So how do you prevent this from happening?

Get into the habit of washing your pillowcase every 3-7 days. Not only will your lashes benefit from this but also your skin. This will ensure you’re not drowning in a pool of your own oil.

Make sure to wash your face every night. This will eliminate your makeup and natural skin oils joining the pillowcase party. But most importantly remember to wash your eyelash extensions with the Prolong Lash Cleanser to keep them clean and oil free. Hooray for clean lashes and for sleeping on any side we like!! :D