MYTH #4 Wash your eyelash extensions with baby shampoo


Back in the day before Prolong Lash Cleanser was on the market there were no completely oil free cleansing products to recommend to clients. Some technicians would recommend baby shampoo and still do this day. Truth be told, baby shampoo contains a conditioner & like oil, it softens the lash glue and causes the extensions to clump together. Do you notice the same pattern happening again and again in all these myths so far? We should all now that what happens next – the clumping of the lashes results in a disruption to the natural lash growth cycle resulting in yet again – natural lash damage! 

To care for your eyelash extensions you must make sure you are avoiding all oil based products, including those that contain glycerin, glycerol and essence. Prolong Lash Cleanser is specifically formulated for the use with eyelash extensions. It removes surface debris, dead skin cells and daily pollutants without stripping the skin of its natural oils. 

Baby shampoo may be the cheaper alternative at the time but not the best in the long run! 

Do NOT use baby shampoo on eyelash extensions!

Do NOT use baby shampoo on eyelash extensions!