MYTH #3 Avoid oil based products because it will damage your eyelash extensions


Oil is your eyelash extensions worst nightmare!

Oil will soften the lash glue and make your extensions lift from the base and eventually fall out. And as for the remaining extensions, oil will destroy them by clumping them together. As discussed in Myth#2 this will ultimately lead to an interruption in your natural lash growth cycle and result in lash loss and damage.

Another thing about oil...It is pretty sneaky...Sometimes it will make its way into “oil free” cleansers and name itself something entirely different underneath the ingredients list. Glycerine, glycerol and essence are all types of oil so watch out for these ones when you are choosing your “oil free” cleanser!

Prolong Lash was formulated in response to many clients with eyelash extensions presenting after 1, 2 or 3 weeks with clumped eyelashes, loss of eyelashes and inhibited natural eyelash growth. It is the only truly “oil free” cleanser out on the market & will cause no harm to your skin as it is PH balanced and made with natural ingredients. 

Prolong Lash Cleanser