Myth #2 Water will make your eyelash extensions fall out quicker so avoid wetting them

FALSE – Think about this one...

"Do you wash your natural lashes when you don’t have extensions on??" 


"And the purpose of this is to?.." 

Clean them & remove makeup, prevent dead skin cells and debris build-up, etc.

So in saying this why should it be any different now that you have eyelash extensions?? If anything you should want to protect them more!

Not wetting them will not only make them look dirty, messy & clumpy, it will also become the perfect place for bacteria to grow. This will open up the door for infections, follicle damage & ultimately permanent eyelash loss – yikes! 

A close up Blepharitis – an infection caused by poor hygiene.

A close up Blepharitis – an infection caused by poor hygiene.

To get the most out of your eyelash extensions you should be washing them twice daily with Prolong Lash Oil Free Cleanser.

Some of the many benefits of using Prolong Lash Cleanser on your Eyelash Extensions are:

  • Keeping your natural lash growth cycle healthy and in sync, removing all risks of permanent lash damage.
  • Never having to worry about your lashes looking clumpy again
  • Losing less extensions between refills so your lashes look fabulous & fuller  for longer
  • Preventing the risk of eye infections

So remember, the secret to having healthy & luscious lashes is to wash twice daily with the Prolong Lash Cleanser. 

For more information on the Cleanser & how to use it, watch the video below.