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When natural fibres and eyelash adhesive combine, a rapid, powerful exothermic reaction occurs. The heat released could cause burns, ignite the cotton product (can you imagine if you had cotton fibers stuck in your eyelash extensions?! Argh!!), or release a super annoying white smoke, irritating your eyes. 

Scary stuff!

That's why you should think twice about who's doing your eyelash extensions, always choose an experienced professional and NEVER use cotton pads or cotton tips to clean your eyelash extensions.

Prolong Lash Cleanser was designed to be used with your finger tips, and if you wear eye make up daily, you can give your lashes a luxurious deep cleanse with our brand new Prolong Lash Cleansing Brush! It's lush, it's soft, and it's bloody effective!

Find your local stockist by following the "find a reseller" link on the home page, and take care of those peepers, you've only got 1 pair! xoxo

Handy Hints For A Long Lasting Adhesive

Your adhesive is the most crucial and fickle element of applying eyelash extensions. 

So many factors can affect a client's retention, such as humidity, temperature, lash prep and aftercare, so Prolong Lash have put together a list of helpful hints in order for you to make the most of your Prolong Lash Opti Lash Glue and give your clients long lasting lashes.

We hope this post will benefit new and existing consumers of Prolong Lash Opti Lash Glue! 

1. Before shaking your adhesive, remove the cap and place a small piece of tin foil over the nozzle - this will prevent adhesive getting into the lid and sealing the bottle shut

2. Shake your adhesive vigorously for 1 minute each time before dispensing a small bead

3. Turn your adhesive upside down and allow gravity to do the work for you - allow 1 small bead of adhesive to drop from the bottle

4. Turn your bottle upright, burp, and wipe the nozzle clean with a non-cotton fibre. Make up sponges are a cheap and effective option. Blot the nozzle with a sponge until all adhesive is removed

5. NEVER wipe the nozzle with an alcohol wipe (this will cause the adhesive to cure and block the nozzle) or a cotton round/tissue as the cotton fibre may cause fire/burn/smoke when in contact with the adhesive

6. Replace the cap securely, store inside its silver sealable bag and stand upright - if the bottle is not stored upright, the adhesive will eventually poor into the cap, sealing your bottle shut and rendering it useless

7. Change your adhesive every 20 minutes to keep each bead fresh, allowing for the best adhesion

8. Adhesive cures/sets with moisture, the more moisture in the air (aka the higher the humidity), the more often you need to replace your adhesive

9. Using half cured adhesive (a bead that's been sitting there for half an hour or more) will result in poor retention and unhappy clients

10. Follow these simple steps to make the most of your Prolong Lash Opti Lash Glue

11. Prolong Lash recommends replacing your adhesive every 8 weeks for frequent users, to maintain freshness and optimum results

12. If only lashing 2-3 clients a week, adhesive may last up to 3 months

Did you find this post helpful? Drop us a line at info@prolonglash.com.au, we love hearing from you! 


Myth#6 Sleep on your back to avoid your eyelash extensions falling out


Eyelash extensions are applied individually – one extension to one natural lash. If applied correctly they should be completely attached at the base of the lash. In theory this means if we lash addicts lived in a perfect “oil free” world our eyelash extensions would only fall out when our natural lash fell out during their growth cycle. So....unless our pillow was “The Incredible Hulk” and could somehow physically pull our lashes out then we should be safe to sleep however we like. Once the extensions are applied, they are not easy to pull off!

Returning from lash addicts perfect “oil free” world and entering reality...

When the lights go out does our pillow turn into the incredible hulk and pull out our lashes? NO, thankfully not!

If we don’t regularly wash our pillowcase will an unwanted visitor make an appearance in our bed at night? All signs point to yes.

Pillowcases love to collect oil! Think about all those products we use in our hair, leaving our makeup on overnight and of course our natural body sweat. These nasty oils sit on the surface of our pillowcases and are ready to pounce on our lashes and attack with their venomous slime as soon as we slumber off to sleep!

So how do you prevent this from happening?

Get into the habit of washing your pillowcase every 3-7 days. Not only will your lashes benefit from this but also your skin. This will ensure you’re not drowning in a pool of your own oil.

Make sure to wash your face every night. This will eliminate your makeup and natural skin oils joining the pillowcase party. But most importantly remember to wash your eyelash extensions with the Prolong Lash Cleanser to keep them clean and oil free. Hooray for clean lashes and for sleeping on any side we like!! :D

Myth #5 Mascara is okay for your eyelash extensions, as long as it’s only on the tips

Oil is oil & if your mascara does contain any traces of oil then “putting it only on the tips” will still eventually lead to oil build-up.

Prolong Lash Extension Mascara has been made specifically for eyelash extensions and contains absolutely no oil at all! This can be used on your entire lash line as long as you are washing it off with a truly oil free cleanser like Prolong Lash Cleanser.

MYTH #4 Wash your eyelash extensions with baby shampoo


Back in the day before Prolong Lash Cleanser was on the market there were no completely oil free cleansing products to recommend to clients. Some technicians would recommend baby shampoo and still do this day. Truth be told, baby shampoo contains a conditioner & like oil, it softens the lash glue and causes the extensions to clump together. Do you notice the same pattern happening again and again in all these myths so far? We should all now that what happens next – the clumping of the lashes results in a disruption to the natural lash growth cycle resulting in yet again – natural lash damage! 

To care for your eyelash extensions you must make sure you are avoiding all oil based products, including those that contain glycerin, glycerol and essence. Prolong Lash Cleanser is specifically formulated for the use with eyelash extensions. It removes surface debris, dead skin cells and daily pollutants without stripping the skin of its natural oils. 

Baby shampoo may be the cheaper alternative at the time but not the best in the long run! 

Do NOT use baby shampoo on eyelash extensions!

Do NOT use baby shampoo on eyelash extensions!

Russian Volume Lash Training Reviews

We had yet another great training session in the Russian Volume Eyelash Extension Course on Monday. All the ladies did a fantastic job & thank-you for the positive feedback.

“Found the lash course very informative, they really know lashes. Totally worth it!” – Emma, 16/02/2015

“Fabulous training. Very helpful trainers that take the time to teach you correctly.” – Tia, 16/02/2015

“Loved the course. The trainers are lovely and helpful. Really enjoyed it.” – Emma K, 16/02/2015

“Wonderful trainers. Small class which makes it one on one friendly. Great setup and workplace. Very modern and professional” – Lisa, 16/02/2015

MYTH #3 Avoid oil based products because it will damage your eyelash extensions


Oil is your eyelash extensions worst nightmare!

Oil will soften the lash glue and make your extensions lift from the base and eventually fall out. And as for the remaining extensions, oil will destroy them by clumping them together. As discussed in Myth#2 this will ultimately lead to an interruption in your natural lash growth cycle and result in lash loss and damage.

Another thing about oil...It is pretty sneaky...Sometimes it will make its way into “oil free” cleansers and name itself something entirely different underneath the ingredients list. Glycerine, glycerol and essence are all types of oil so watch out for these ones when you are choosing your “oil free” cleanser!

Prolong Lash was formulated in response to many clients with eyelash extensions presenting after 1, 2 or 3 weeks with clumped eyelashes, loss of eyelashes and inhibited natural eyelash growth. It is the only truly “oil free” cleanser out on the market & will cause no harm to your skin as it is PH balanced and made with natural ingredients. 

Prolong Lash Cleanser

Myth #2 Water will make your eyelash extensions fall out quicker so avoid wetting them

FALSE – Think about this one...

"Do you wash your natural lashes when you don’t have extensions on??" 


"And the purpose of this is to?.." 

Clean them & remove makeup, prevent dead skin cells and debris build-up, etc.

So in saying this why should it be any different now that you have eyelash extensions?? If anything you should want to protect them more!

Not wetting them will not only make them look dirty, messy & clumpy, it will also become the perfect place for bacteria to grow. This will open up the door for infections, follicle damage & ultimately permanent eyelash loss – yikes! 

A close up Blepharitis – an infection caused by poor hygiene.

A close up Blepharitis – an infection caused by poor hygiene.

To get the most out of your eyelash extensions you should be washing them twice daily with Prolong Lash Oil Free Cleanser.

Some of the many benefits of using Prolong Lash Cleanser on your Eyelash Extensions are:

  • Keeping your natural lash growth cycle healthy and in sync, removing all risks of permanent lash damage.
  • Never having to worry about your lashes looking clumpy again
  • Losing less extensions between refills so your lashes look fabulous & fuller  for longer
  • Preventing the risk of eye infections

So remember, the secret to having healthy & luscious lashes is to wash twice daily with the Prolong Lash Cleanser. 

For more information on the Cleanser & how to use it, watch the video below.

Myth #1 Eyelash Extensions make your natural lashes fall out

FALSE – Whether you have eyelash extensions or not, you cannot avoid your natural lashes from falling out – and don’t be scared this is not a bad thing!!

Your natural lashes grow in 90 day cycles so when a new hair is ready to grow out from the hair follicle the old hair will fall out to make room for it.  So seeing a natural lash on an eyelash extension once it has fallen out is a GOOD thing! This means that your extensions have been applied INDIVIDUALLY & your natural lashes are able to go through their cycle without interruptions.

Lash Growth Cycle

The only time you should be concerned with your natural lashes falling out is if the extensions themselves have been applied to multiple natural lashes. If lashes are clumped together this means there is no way for the natural lash to grow out from the hair follicle when it’s ready to, causing the new lash behind it to die in the hair follicle. This is what can cause permanent lash damage and eye infections if continued over a long period of time.

Damaged Lashes

Always make sure to go to a lash technician that follows the rule of applying one extension to one natural lash.

10 Myths about Eyelash Extensions Revealed!

Eyelash Extensions are an amazing invention & a worldwide phenomenon!

With millions of salons providing eyelash extensions it makes sense that with all the hype there has been a wide range of information distributed about this service. In some cases some of the information is not necessarily true!

Currently in Australia eyelash extension courses are not governed under the Beauty Industry Curriculum. What this means for us is because there are no “official” guidelines ANYONE can become an eyelash technician & ANYONE can make up information regarding eyelash extensions.

We are going to unravel the top 10 eyelash extension myths & whether they are true or false.

Stay Tuned, Myth #1 will be posted tomorrow! 


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We would like to congratulate one of our trained salons LashDesign Studios on the opening of their new salon in Fitzroy. How exciting!!!

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Student Testimonals

Prolong Lash offers Eyelash Extension specific training courses for the development of beauty professionals and industry newcomers.

We absolutely love hearing from our students, especially when we hear how well they are going on their lash journeys! 

Thank-you Sharon for the positive feedback, 

"I've done 5 clients so far this week and they have been wowed. I have been following the client assessment, design model and aftercare which we covered in the training course. The course was fantastic because the theory bit enabled me to answer my clients' questions and gave them added information.
I've had a couple ladies who have been having their lashes done regularly by someone else but they were so happy with my work that they already booked for a refill! 
Overall, the training was well structured, very thorough and gave us enough time to be confident in putting lashes on.
As a teacher, you were very hands on and patient to your students. You have given us tips which only an experienced lash technician could give. You are very selfless in sharing your knowledge and I appreciate all your help up to now.
Personally, this experience has been very rewarding feeling especially after seeing the look on my clients' faces when they see their new lashes. I am so proud of the quality of the lashes and glue and it shows when they have it on. THANK YOU for giving me the best foundation in setting up my own lash business at home."
Much love, Sharon

Prolong Lash Cleanser – The International Pioneer, by Andrew Christie

Eyelash enhancements were pioneered in 1916 when wig makers created strips of finely woven human hair to accentuate the eyes for black and white films. Later developing into individuals or clusters in the 1960s, the early 2000s revolutionised lashes with the introduction of individual, semi-permanent extensions that could provide up to 60 days duration. These fibres not only provided customised enhancement but were gently removed with the natural lash cycle.

Eyelash extensions are now the fastest growing beauty procedure in Australia with over 100,000 technicians nationwide and an estimated 2 million consumers extending, enhancing and accentuating their lashes without the use of mascara.

As with any salon regime, the correct homecare and maintenance is paramount to long lasting results.

The Lash Extension Challenge

The greatest challenge facing professional lash technicians in Australia and internationally has been the after-care of enhanced lashes in order to ensure the greatest longevity. The most common grievance from lash extension consumers is the frequent refills required to fill ‘fallage’ or prematurely fallen lashes. Whilst all care and effort is taken by wearers to gently remove eye make-up with area-specific cleansers, lash extensions can quickly loosen with many reports indicating that enhancements are only lasting 2-3 days before the ‘fallage’ process commences.

Prolong Lash was established in 2009 with the sole mission to identify factors that compromised extension duration and to offer consumers long-lasting, effective and safe solutions.


The Prolong Lash Solution

Initial research conducted by Prolong Lash established that facial products containing any form of oils, silicones, glycerols and glycerin rapidly disintegrated extension adhesives, significantly reducing lash duration and quality. The creation of Prolong Lash Cleanser became a world and formulation first as the ultimate and pioneering care solution. With over 3 years as the industry leader for extension support amongst technicians and consumers, Prolong Lash has continued their commitment to further research and development by partnering with a leading pharmaceutical formulator in eye and lash specialised formulae. Now offering even greater benefits, Prolong Lash Cleanser’s patent pending technology continues to provide a 100% oil, silicone, glycerol and glycerine free solution to effortlessly cleanse and treat lashes whilst removing standard and water-proof eye make-up.  The intensely conditioning solution respects both natural and enhanced lashes to consistently support optimum longevity, comfort and care. Uniquely composed of rose, coconut and grapefruit amino acids, the water-based formula biomimetically replicates the primary amino acids arginine, histidine and lysine found naturally in lash keratin protein. Further enriched with sodium PCA, this potent humectant naturally makes up 12% of the skin’s Natural Moisture Factor (NMF) to provide long lasting hydration and radiance. Prolong Lash Cleanser’s versatile formula not only supports enhanced lashes, but fortifies natural lash structure whilst intensely reviving surrounding skin tissue to relieve puffiness and irritation.

Prolong Lash Cleanser’s pH balanced formula contains no synthetic or added fragrance, artificial colourants, sodium lauryl sulphate, ethanol, parabens or formaldehyde releasing preservatives. Of course its oil-free formula is also completely free of mineral oil, petrolatum and lanolin. Prolong Lash Cleanser may be safely used by contact lens wearers and on the most delicate of skins.

Independent clinics conducted in 2013 on Prolong Lash’s newly intensified cleansing technology, not only reinforced original test studies conducted in 2010, but further proved that test-subjects who had used Prolong Lash Cleanser and adhered to the 3-step recommended aftercare routine, presented for 3 week refills with up to 60% of their lash extensions intact. By comparison test-subjects who used oil based eye make-up removers presented with nil to just 10% of their lash extensions intact. These studies confirmed Prolong Lash Cleanser had successfully pioneered the care of lash enhancements by extending their duration, reducing the amount of refills required, reducing lash clumpage from dissolved glue and reducing the amount of time to refill in-salon. 100% of participants also reported noticeably increased conditioning of their natural lashes with less breakage and ‘fallage’.

Although originally designed as an eye-make up remover and lash cleanser, lash technicians, beauty therapists and make-up artists have relied on Prolong Lash Cleanser as an effortless facial cleanser that removes impurities even on the most sensitive of skins and may be kept in the fridge for a cooling and soothing effect. Applied to cotton pads as an eye compress, Prolong Lash Cleanser’s rosewater  and sodium PCA relieve eye area congestion and puffiness in as little as 3 minutes as a pre-party prep.

Prolong Lash Cleanser is a must for all lash extension technicians and consumers to reduce lash ‘fallage’, refill requirements and refill time whilst removing eye make-up. Prolong Lash Cleanser supports the skin’s natural desquamation process and removes dead skin and clumping residue to promote and enhance natural lash growth. Even after the removal of lash extensions, natural lashes are protected and their integrity left intact.

The Prolong Lash Survey:

1.       As your natural lashes naturally shed, is the natural lash accompanied with the lash extension? If yes, then your aftercare and use of Prolong Lash Cleanser has successfully achieved its mission.

2.       Are individual lash extensions falling out prematurely? If yes then three factors need to be considered:

  • The experience and qualifications of your lash practitioner
  • The quality of the lash adhesive used
  • The use of incorrect aftercare products that dissolve the lash adhesive

3.       Does your eye make-up remover or facial cleanser contain oils, silicones, glycerols or glycerin? If yes, then you need Prolong Lash Cleanser to thoroughly remove eye make-up, increase lash extension duration, prevent ‘fallage’ and to condition natural lashes.


Source: www.prolonglash.com.au


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